2016 in Review(s)

2016, if you go by my Goodreads Reading Challenge (currently at 32/50), was a year of thrillers and non-fiction. Along the way I read a lot of lackluster crime novels and many biographical gems. The following are my favourites reads for 2016. These are items I read in 2016, but were not necessarily were published in 2016.

My Fave…

Image: Goodreads

Author: Sierra DeMulder
It’s great to see one of my favourite poets come out with another published collection. She sings to my heart with her rumination on life as a modern, flawed woman.



Fiction: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
A fast-paced and complex thriller showing how insidious criminals can be. The two main female protagonists were dimensional and captivating. I listened to this on Audible and the voice actors really made it.


Non-Fiction: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
An event that cross-generational consequences which should be a seminal part of our history. This book and the Lacks’ family’s story floored me.


Graphic Novel: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
This built on the insight and comedy of Brosh’s blog. An enjoyable read.


Poetry Collection: Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder
My favourite poems in particular are ‘The Seven Layers of Hell’ and ‘Exodus 33:20’. The poems on dementia and eating disorders were touching, and her reflections on her romantic relationships engaging. DeMulder is my favourite modern poet.


What were your favourite literary finds of 2016?

~ Emma

Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Image from http://www.harrypottertheplay.com

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: Parts I & II marks my 18th book read this year as part of my Goodreads Reading Challenge – which is to read 50 books in 2016. I finally have many thoughts about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: Parts I & II that I’d like to share.


Spoilers abound! 

  •  I like the Trolley Witch hulking out.
  • The new spells didn’t always have that Latin feel.
  • Having time time-travel with where everything is put right at the end irks me. There are too many tiny variables that can go wrong and it relied on the characters having a perfect knowledge of past events.
  • I understand the sentiment behind having Al and Scorpius solve riddles like the trio did. I cannot believe Hermione would leave riddles to be solved in lieu of hiding something important. She’d just lock that stuff away.
  • I dislike Albus and Scorpius not recieving major legal punishment for breaking so many laws. Bias…in the dungeon!
  • I 100% wish Albus and Scorpius were boyfriends and I feel like this could have been JKR’s chance to redeem the retconned, offscreen sexuality of Dumbledore and add some visibility.
  • Disturbed by Voldemort and Bellatrix having a child, if what Delphi believes is true. I wish there were more hints to this in the book so it didn’t feel like retcon.
  •  I like the Augury tattoo but the prophecy and time-turner plot points both leave more questions than answers.
  • I wish we had seen more characters – for example, finally seeing Teddy Lupin ‘onscreen’ – but I understand perhaps that was difficult considering it’s a play.

What did you think?

~ Emma