Goodreads Challenge: 50 Books in 52 Weeks (1 Year)


This year I decided to take part in the Goodreads Challenge. Namely, reading 50 books in one year. As a friend pointed out to me, that’s just more than one book per week.

This realisation filled me with trepidation. I am a full time teacher, and so my life is filled with school during the week….then marking and planning most weekends. Add a social life, exercise and managing a chronic illness to that…. how was I going to manage?

The first thing I did when taking part in this challenge was vow not to beat myself up if I don’t reach the 50 books goal. Last year, I read 17. But regardless, whatever number I reach at the finish line will be a job well done.

Secondly, I decided I would listen to audiobooks. This was because after work, my eyes are way too tired to focus on a book or screen. Being able to flop on my bed and listen to a story is paradise. This also means I can clock in more ‘reading’ time by listening to an audiobook on the commute to work.

So far, I’ve had a few hits and misses with the books I’ve read for this challenge. I like to read a broad range. My faves so far have been Ellyn Saks’ memoir of living with schizophrenia, The Centre Cannot Hold and Philip K Dick’s alternate WW2 universe The Man In The High Castle. I have to say that Stars Over Sunset Boulevard deeply disappointed me, but that’s no one’s fault but mine as I miatakenly read too much into the blurb and thought it was a lesbian romance. Spoiler: it was not!

You can follow my challenge reading progress here.

Have you given yourself a reading challenge? How are you going?

~ Emma

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